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Monday, May 31, 2010

Sometimes, when I'm bored...

Sometimes, when I'm bored, I go to a blog written in the Turkish language and let google translate it into English as ersatz "beat" poetry. Here's an example from the
tari eluch blog:

I do not have the beauty of life as well. Blood ourselves. Do not let your eyes like that despite everything,''balderdash''clauses. I do not have the beauty of life as well. Just nice to have our side of the people we love. If there is, of course. If Nanay. Then go throw yourself down atakuleden.

Fortunately my favorite specimen is a little man. Sometimes drool, and out of work and love of crap I've been turned into a butterfly, or even why I'm willing to be keko this specimen of human being there.
Anyway, without much love pıtırcığı my blog and fill in the appropriate user manual would like to vah'larla ah'larla.

Some languages translate well, but Turkish is apparently not one of them. I can rarely get even the vaguest idea what she's talking about. She posts some interesting pictures though, so I close my eyes and imagine the room dense with cigarette smoke and the walls vibrating to the sound of bongo drums and I read the translation.

Some folks are easily entertained, I guess...

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