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Monday, January 25, 2010

Your First Amendment in action!

More examples follow...

Go Morans!

Grandma got run over by an oriental...
(Actually, I'd be tempted to think this was a joke, if they didn't look so damned sincere)



No pubic option for this lady.

At last, a reasoned argument!

... and I'm watching you too, cider!

This guy's hard to argue with.

I'm pretty sure God doesn't hate anyone...
I, on the other hand... oh yeah!

So all you "good people" better watch out!


  1. I linked to this in facebook. I told people not to hurt themselves when they read it. I said my cheeks still hurt: they do. Thanks for posting.

  2. what about rebellious males?

  3. Oh, we rebellious males are okay, in these bozos' misogynistic estimation, unless, of course, we also happen to be perverts and sex addicts.


  4. ...o, boy, I love this...thanks, Mark...Love, c.